Job Opportunities at Sequoia Research Corporation

Sequoia Research Corporation in Torrance, California is currently accepting resumes for a fulltime employment position to qualified engineers. Sequoia Research Corporation specializes in intensive data analysis, guidance and control systems, dynamical modeling, etc. Ideal candidates must enjoy challenging analytic problems and be willing to persevere in tasks that may not be well defined.

Traditionally, the engineers who are best able to perform our work have at least a masters degree (or equivalent) and several years of experience with aerospace systems in the disciplines of physics, mathematics, electrical engineering and/or aerospace engineering. Building system models that are tested against real data is often an integral part of the job. Technical imagination, creative analyses, and overcoming false starts are instrumental in being successful.

A working knowledge of one or more engineering computer languages is required; Fortran, C, C++, Perl, Python, MATLAB / Simulink, etc. Our primary output is technical analyses, so high quality report writing and verbal communication skills are also required.

Candidates must be US Citizens.

Please contact us with questions or submit your resumes to